Rich life

I wonder what it is to have a rich person’s life. Because recently from me starting to raise money to get this book published, I feel like I am starting to come near the future. At some point, I will be a thirty year old man taking care of his family and living out his life. Then again, I am still just a kid. I still wonder if I will get rich. And what will happen if I do? What will be my daily routine? What will happen to me in the future? What house will I live in? What will my life be like in the future if I am rich? I don’t know. And I probably will never know until it arrives. I am quite happy with the life I have. And I still have so many years ahead of me. I am curious about being rich because it is such an oddly different life.

I am not sure what my ambitions and what I am aiming in life for. But what I do know about myself is that what I have learned from other people, I am kind of smart. I may not be the most coordinated in the world but still, I know what is right and wrong with me. I am still afraid but excited about what the new life is going to be like once I am out of the house and in college. Or out of college and free to go through the world. Who knows what is in store for me!

But I am hoping that I will settle down with possibly a wife and maybe some children. I still cannot believe having a daughter or a son. And after I have retired and just an old man, I am hoping I will be satisfied. I am still not sure what I want to get to that satisfaction, but the time is coming. From doing this blog for a while, I realize that my passion might be writing. I am hoping that I will end up like J K Rowling or Steven Spielberg, making books that everybody loves and even making movies. Soon after that, well, I guess, I just have to do my best to pass on what I have learned to the next generation. After all, every offspring is better than the last. Who knows what improvement my future offsprings will have in store for their own lives. I am still kind of nervous for what will happen once I reach the end of my lifespan. But that is a long time from now.

I guess this is less about a question of what it is to be rich and what is in store for me later. But I know now, I am going to have to focus on the here and now. You don’t just become a good writer by wanting to. You become a good writer by writing. So I guess that is all I have to say.