Closing the Gap: Giving to others

Today I am going to be talking about the site that my mom showed me. It is called I had no idea what I was getting myself into when I first agreed to check this out. I felt so sad for these people. And I cannot believe that they are going to save up money and pay me back. I mean, that $50 can be spent for so much more by them.

Recently, my mom told me that I have learned so much about saving money, using and conserving it these past couple of years when I have been managing my own allowance. I use an excel spreadsheet to track my expenses. But I also want to learn about giving. Our friend Gordon who visited us recently is a philanthropist. Ever since knowing that, I have been thinking about philanthropy and giving. Then my mom suggested that I make a loan through Kiva. I looked around for someone who desperately needed it the most. And then I went to water and sanitation because it seemed the most valuable to me. After that I found Pauline, a woman who need a 3000 liter water tank. She was extremely close to getting the money she needed. As I could see, she had already raised 90% and so I paid $50 and felt quite good about closing the gap and about myself. I felt that I was helping someone and it was a great feeling.

I just couldn’t stand to see people in so much peril, so that they are asking for loans online. I really feel like I want to help people because they are put in bad situations. What really made me happy was the once I realized that my $50 completed the 100% she needed. I don’t want people to be in such a bad situation. And I want them to be happy and not be in pain or in a bad spot. Just imagine how you would feel if you are in their shoes! You would want someone to help you. So that is what I did.

There are a lot more borrowers who you can all help if you want to. You can join the giving revolution here. I sincerely say, go to, give a loan to a person who needs it and you just might make their lives so much better.

PS: Funny fact, I originally thought it was called kiba, which is the name of a character from a certain anime, wink, wink, hint, hint.