The Magician’s Story – Part 15

I realized that he must have been in there for a while. The expression on his face looked like he had completely lost all hope. He seemed to be sitting down and strangely waiting. But I guess there wasn’t anything else to do, being stuck in a hole. I looked through my spell book to find an easy escape way. I found something that could open up gaping holes and allow one to go through walls. It could also be activated on other people. So I used it on the small shaft and it opened up. And I expected him to look at me. For some reason, he kept on looking the same way. I slowly crept towards him and I was seeing something that I didn’t see before. Was that cloth sticking out of him?

It was a trap. I stepped back and realized that I had stepped on a pressure plate. I ran back as fast as I could and I could see the cloth puppet starting to detonate. I got up as fast as I could and safely avoided the explosion. I tried to reassure myself that everything will be fine. But still, it was scary. Who knows where Sornow was? If this wasn’t even a normal man, how was I supposed to know what was a puppet and what was a real person?

I decided to dig around some more looking for enclosed metal areas. But to no avail. I had searched the entire area with not a single bit more progress. When I decided I might as well as get out, right from the corner of the eye, I saw something. I looked over and found a small bit of metal. It was clean. I felt it and it seemed practically unbreakable. It was of a dark shade and yet I could see it clearly. It took me a while to open it looking up some spells in my book. What I saw, I couldn’t really explain. It was a completely empty cell with another hole through it. Like someone had already broken out. What confused me was that there were scratch marks all over the metal like there was a deadly animal inside. After resurfacing to the ground from my findings, I decided that there was nothing more for me to find. I checked the transporter and it seemed like there wasn’t any life sign here anymore. While I was on my way, there was some life.

I knew that I wasn’t about to find Sornow anytime soon. What I did need to know is that I already had enough problems at hand. Dark, shadowy figures hunting me down; assassins who seemed to have no purpose than just to kill me with everything they had; now I have a group of sorcerers who had to have me as their prisoner. I wish I could know why this was but I guess right now I should just focus on surviving. I got my bearings straight and got back into the city without being spotted. I started roaming trying to figure out if there was anything familiar. I was still in another country. Being in a place like this, anything could happen. I could just find the one legend that was told to you a million times just to scare you. But it was at that moment I realized just how dangerous a territory I had been to, once I finally got out of there.

It was at that moment I had finally paid the price. I was walking down. I was finally alone. I had no idea where I was going. I had been heading north for a while until eventually I came across a small coastal village. I had no where to go back. Because after that, there was nothing but ocean. But it had been a few years since I had seen the ocean. The village people were extremely kind. I paid one of the sailors some money for us to go as north as possible. He seemed quite skeptical about it. He warned me about what could go wrong. We could find some strange creatures. But I insisted on going. Whatever the sea had to offer, I could take it. I thought that if there was danger, it might be best to have more help and so I asked the sailor if I could hire some reinforcements. The man gladly obliged.
So we set out for sea. And I knew that we would be on the sea for quite a while. But the ship was big, strong, and powerful. Slowly, it was getting colder. I was becoming more and more skeptical as the other sailor. But I persisted. The cold eventually subsided and got warmer at a certain point. I am not fully sure how. And we decided to rest there. But we probably should have kept on going.