Gravity – Movie Review: Spoilers

Gravity is an action film following the harsh survival of astronaut Ryan Stones as a certain attack causes space debris towards their shuttle killing every member but Ryan and the commander named Jonathan. The two are left to get to other space shuttles eventually land back onto the earth. Although in the end Ryan makes it alive.

This movie was good and it was bad! It had flaws but in total, it was an okay film.

What I didn’t like about it, since being mostly an action film, the developers tried to put in some emotion by having the main character’s daughter die. But the problem is that without knowing much about the story, you don’t have any emotion for that character. You don’t really get enough time to know her or enough to feel bad for her when something as bad as her daughter dying. The problem is that since it is an action film, it doesn’t focus enough on emotion. But the thing is that it tries to center around the emotion which is poorly done. Which causes it to have a negative reaction. It makes it feel like it mainly tries to be a movie about emotion but the emotion is done poorly so it is a flaw. It tries to be something more than an action movie. Since it tries to be an action movie, it can save it. It doesn’t completely kill the movie experience. It would have killed the movie experience if the movie was something like La Miserable. Because a movie like that is centered solely on emotion. But since Gravity is also an action movie, it saves the movie from being a plain old bad movie.

Other than the acting and CGI graphics were amazing. And it had a pretty good storyline. The action was suspenseful. At the start, feeling alone and helpless was good. But the feeling later died on and it was replaced with more urgent quick you have to do this now or never feeling in the later part of the movie. This movie transitions from Ryan being helpless and disoriented to becoming experienced and ready to finally tackle the problem. At the start, Ryan has completely no idea what to do and has Jonathan having to help her through due to this being an experience she has never gone through. In the later half of the movie, she finally gets her bearings straight and realizes that if she doesn’t do what she can do now she wouldn’t survive. It transitions from the feeling of loneliness, and having nothing but yourself into fast-paced action. In total, it was an okay movie. If it was just a solely action movie, it would have been amazing, but since it was trying to draw on emotions, it caused it to be just okay. I felt more unfulfilled with the movie.

Now the movie is good but the real problem is with the emotional treatment. Compare it to a movie like Life of Pi. It establishes characters, personalities, and story lines. So when you are put into a situation like in Gravity you are really rooting for the character to survive. You really empathy for the main character and the other characters as well. You feel glad when the character survives. You feel bad for them when they have to go through hardship. So the empathy was what was lacking in the movie. The problem is that it didn’t really need that empathy or emotion. They could have just taken out the emotion since there was no really no need for it. Or may be even better, if they focused the emotions about the character and things about their life, they should have focused more building the character’s personality. Since you don’t really get to see the daughter or see anything from her, what you get to see is Ryan herself. That is where they could have centered on Ryan in the moment. And gave some of the emotion to Jon. He is one of the characters that ended up dying. He was the only other character besides Ryan that you get to spend time learning about. To be honest, both of them had enough of personality to have the emotional exploration.

So my final thoughts on the movie, it was good but not that good.