The Magician’s Story – Part 16

The ship was starting to rock more than usual and started to feel bumps under the water. I started to get paranoid. I readied my spell book and held a fire ball on my hand. That was the best thing I could have done. Slowly I was starting to see small shadows in the water. They moved extremely rapidly and they seemed to become bigger the more I looked at them. And slowly, I could start to make out the shapes. It still was too blurry. But I thought I saw some yellow eyes pop out for a flash of a second. I had become more focused on it. When the moment hit me, I realized that I should have prepared myself much more. Quickly, a sea serpent rose out of the water screeching and lunging for our ship. I was petrified.

It had extremely large girth and sea serpents seemed to be a myth in the stories that old sailors had talked about. We had come across one heck of a demon.
I charged up my fireball and shot it at the serpent. It barely did any damage to it. The coating of its scales seemed extremely tough and protective. They refused to let any slight damage get into the body of the serpent. Its eyes were ruthless. But I could see what it wanted. It wanted the sea all to itself. As more and more sailors got their bearings straight, they started getting out weapons like harpoon guns and a few even new types of magic and sorcery. Instantly, it became apparent to us that the scales wouldn’t let us get to the serpent from the outside. We needed to find a way to get the attacks inside. The only way was its mouth but it moved too fast for us to hit such a specific target. We needed to find a way to distract it or something to slow it down. Then one of the sailors brought out another harpoon guns that looked strange. The harpoons had chains behind them. These sailors were extremely skilled and easily tied up the serpent until the one way for it to get out was to use its mouth. That was our chance for the sorcerers and magicians to strike.
The second it opened its mouth, we all fired. A few missing the target due the serpent still flailing despite the chains. But we made a lot of good shots at its mouth and we had begun to take it from the inside. We had good strategies. Either way, the magicians and sorcerers would come last. We had the normal harpoons first, chain harpoons next, and finally attack by the magicians and sorcerers. With even more advanced strategy, we finally took down the beast. We cut through its scales and skinned it. These scales could be made into heavy armor and the serpent had extremely valuable resources. There was nothing left but bones. Meat was put in storage; scales were being crafted into armor and weapons; this was a great accomplishment. There was no use for the bones at the moment but we put them away in storage anyway. After we moved on, we reached land. And it was extremely nice being at the sea but I realized something once we saw the land. It was all covered in snow and frost.