The Magician’s Story: Part 20

Upon realizing this dreaded information, I remembered that I was being haunted at one point of time. But they are far away from here. I was not being haunted by someone new. I was being stalked. I was starting to feel paranoid. Among the other figures, one of them was carrying a sword. Another was wearing a hood and carrying a small knife. The final one seemed to be some type of princess holding a bow and arrow. But I saw one more thing. I saw a small figure in the very back; it didn’t seem to have the same amount of details as the other figures. But it had eyes like no other. Those eyes pierced my soul. I had no idea what it was. It was just a small figure far in the background. At that point, my paranoia was justified. It felt like someone was right behind me. But I just couldn’t spot anyone. It felt like I had stumbled into something much bigger than what I originally thought. I decided to scale upon a small ledge and peek around. I have no words to describe what I saw. It was a gigantic kingdom made of ice.

I felt like I was about to faint. It was obvious. This place wasn’t only ancient. It was completely inhabited. When I looked with care, I could see people on the street selling cold fruits, hot soup, potions, even an old man selling toys to the family with small children. It was unbelievable. I decided to explore but the second I took the first step, I realized that someone was holding a knife to the back of my neck.

When I took a slight look back, the guy was a solider who asked me to state my business. I had no idea what to say. After a moment of thought, I just said that I was wandering. He didn’t seem to believe me. Who would have believed that someone would have wandered into this situation? It was full of snow, blizzards. I merely told him a bit more of truth. That someone I knew had been kidnapped and that I was looking for him. He asked me, “what makes you think that he would come here of all places?” I told him that this was where I last saw any signs of him. Surprisingly, the guard let me in. The chances are that he let me in because the place was heavily guarded and there was nothing I could do as one person to an army of warriors.  I decided to look around and suddenly, one man started to shout and point at me, “That is him. That is the man I saw.” The guards instantly took hold of me and brought me to what seemed a palace in the very center of the city. A palace made of nothing other than ice.

I was brought to a throne on which a blond lady was seated. Presumably the queen of this kingdom. She asked me if I was the one who came sliding down the mountain. These people have been watching me. I decided to tell her the truth, “Yes!” Then I was brought to the edge of a blade. Basically an execution! I was told by the queen that I was found on forbidden area. “You stepped on area that the guards and masters of ice forbade anyone from going. As such you are in your final hour. After we collect more information, we will send your remains back to your homeland.” I was brought to a very steep cliff. I felt the snow, looked down and realized that there was enough water and mud on the ground to break the fall. But I doubted if I could jump. I was brought to the very edge. The blade was kissing my neck. As I felt my life was flashing before me, I knew that I just can’t die here. In fact, the blade was taken away from my neck and the queen said, “Since you went far beyond anyone by stepping onto sacred ground, I will be the one to execute you!” As the guards held me in place, she drew forth a bow which looked eerily familiar, especially the arrow. The arrow was perfectly crafted.