The Magician’s Story: Chapter 19

Despite the fact that I had a giant abominable snowman attempting to beat me to a pulp, I have been trying to keep my cool. Trying to dodge and avoid the kicks and punches as skillfully as possible. I wondered if I might be able to use some kind of spell to knock him out. But I didn’t have access to any spells like that and so I decided to threaten him by conjuring up and holding a fireball in my hand. He easily backed away for a second to put some thought into it. I knew the little boy was doing all the little thinking. There must be some communication between them. But for now, I just needed to focus on the task at hand. Boy, did I get myself into a pickle by following those footprints. Chances are that if there was the yeti and the small boy, there are probably other deadly creatures along the path. I took the moment the yeti gave me to realize that the entrance to the cave was starting to become smaller.

It looked like it was starting to cave in from the outside. I wasn’t sure if I could make a compromise and get myself out of the situation. I was way of that window when I had that chance. I decided on the fact that although this cave was smaller, there were many other ways inside the mountain. I used the yeti’s gigantic size to my advantage and was able to nimbly run past him. With a flick of my finger, I sent a bit of fire towards where the yeti was to keep him away for a brief moment. It gave me more than enough time to escape into the vast riches of the cave. As I explored, it led to even more caves, and even more, with all kinds of things. Even a poorly crafted bed! I decided that I couldn’t explore any longer, only because there were probably more yetis in the area. Snow yetis are said to be peaceful and if this is what they are like, I didnt even want to know what the mountain yetis were like. I was not sure what I was going to do. But I knew the boy had some contraptions that he would probably use to his advantage. I was pretty sure that the boy was directing the attacks because he had some kind of night vision goggles and could probably track me down. I only had fire to light the way. If I kept on moving, I could probably find a way out of here and lose them on my trail. So many vast riches of ice and snow, I thought! There has got to be another way out.

I looked around. But I still seemed to be alone and safe. I had been making sure to look closely around my tracks to make sure that I wasn’t going around in circles. Even then it felt like that the system of caves was endless. I was not even sure if I was still in the mountains or miles underground. Finally, after a while of going up and down the caves, I found myself in a cave with a lot of snow. Which means that I was still close to the surface. I melted the snow through using my fire spell. I kept a steady pace and created a passage. Once I got out of the cave, I saw that it wasn’t a blizzard but I could still feel small snowflakes hitting my skin. I made sure to keep warm but I was halfway up the mountain. I had only covered a short distance last time. It was then I realized how steep it was. Just in that realization, I felt my body tumbling down  to the foot of the mountain. It was long and painful and anything but a good sled ride. Eventually I stopped tumbling back at a normal altitude. But I was more curious than ever. They say that some things are best left undiscovered and unknown. And I was not sure if that is true when I saw a perfectly crafted arrow barely missing my head. I was on instant alert but no one seemed to be around.
The arrow was definitely shot at me but I was not sure how close the archer was. I picked up the arrow and inspected it. It was perfectly crafted. The wood was completely stable with the steel tipped end extremely sharp. The arrow couldn’t have been made by the yeti or the boy, for that matter. It was too perfect. There was a note on the arrow. So chances are that since there was a note on it, it wasn’t aimed at it. Whoever shot it at me, wasn’t just an expert craftsman but one of the best archers I have ever come across. This had to be another human being other than the boy with the yeti. I checked the arrow and found a carving on it. It was a bunch of stick figures, five to be exact. The figures had perfectly detailed clothing. It was at that moment, every piece of calmness in my mind was put into utter dismay, when I pieced together the information. One of the figures had an arrow through his head. And the clothing was exactly identical to mine. The figures next to me wore clothes exactly what Sornow wore when I last saw him.