Well, stuff has been going on. I went to San Diego and that happened. I got a slushie from 7-11 and that happened. We went to a hotel. If you notice very closely, I am keeping with things that you are really interested. I am moving! Because my mom is going on a sabbatical to San Diego. We went to San Diego and looked at houses. In the meantime, I ate an apple. We had a pretty good selection of houses but one stood out compared to all the others. That was known as the Janu, ah, September house! And the best part is that it has a pool! Sure we have to get a pool guy who will probably there when I swim and we have to chlorinate it every week. And that is a lot of weeks. Also, there is a bar in the house. I can finally get my mom to teach me how to bar-tend even though she doesn’t exactly know much.Yes, she bartended at one time but all she did was fill beer mugs. Also, this is probably the least important thing about the house. There just happens to be million dollar view in a cabin type of room that is so cozy and spacious. I think if I had both claustrophobia and agoraphobia, I would probably able to stand there for half a second before having a mental breakdown. All the other stuff was like a normal house other than a million dollar view from top of the cliff, a pool, a cat named Sheldon who doesn’t come with the house. And a few empty rooms to fill with my junk. Other than that, it is pretty much like any other house. But I happened to forget about the pool once I saw the view. And my parents (well, Al is kinda like a parent) bought the house because I liked it and my dad really liked it too.

Well, on a completely unrelated note, as none of you know, I was born in Cleveland. Maybe some of you know that already. I went back there for a visit and things happened. Because of what my mom told me, apparently, she was invited as a distinguished speaker, whatever that means. We went back and stayed at my aunt Anita’s house. I was able to reconnect with friends I knew from when we were all two. You would think we should have matured from that long ago. We still crack up at fart jokes and go into mortal combats with lolly pops. We still have the same habit of running away and hiding from parents. Then again, there is a difference. I was eating goldfish crackers and raw ketch up when we were all little but now we are all sophisticated, slathering obscene amounts of wasabi on our sushi! And then regretting it completely afterwards. If any of you have heard of skyrim, the video game; I have a human helpline for it now. It is my Auntie Anita’s son Alan, who is on my skype now. But instead of asking for help with skyrim, I gave him strange youtube videos that make no sense. Reconnecting with my family and old friends, everything was pretty awesome. Also, on my second day there, I went to a restaurant called the Melt. Then found out that what they were giving me was basically an edible heart attack. I could barely get through half of my sandwich and even after that I kind of went up to my room, plopped down on my bed and stopped breathing for five hours.

Also I sold one of my art pieces for $75! It is the less the fact that how high the amount is, but more the fact that I got that money all on my own. No loans, no allowances, no I’ll pay you back laters! And the fact is that is surreal for me. You guys should know that I am a eleven year old with a tiny little juvenile brain. So understand that this blew my mind! Here is the painting.


That seems to everything that happened in the last few weeks. I mean there was something wrong with Weaver but we fixed it by giving him some meds and giving him a bath. Otherwise everything is good. Everybody is happy. Now that I am back home and doing fine, I am back with a new blog post. Hopefully it doesn’t take this long to get the next out. I am going to get a chapter of Magician’s story soon to keep you all entertained.