The Magician’s Story – Part 24

For a moment, I just stood there, staring back at the strange life form. I wasn’t quite sure what to do; if I should run away because I know that I would end up just like the last guy here or if I should try and approach it or if I should keep on standing there waiting for it to to make its move. I stood there waiting. In a blink of an eye, it was gone. I looked around to get a glimpse of it but there was nothing more. Yet some small thought in the back of my head was curious enough to actually go into the forest and investigate. I knew the odds were too high to risk my life like this. So I decided to head back. Through all that I have been through, I still haven’t uncovered all the secrets. The good thing is that it should take quite a while for the assassins to get me. My being in the north pole, it was probably a place that they wouldn’t look, if I were lucky.
Now with what has happened, I didn’t have anywhere to go. No more area to look for Sornow. I pulled out my spell book to find some kind of incantation or something to help me get to him. I remembered how I got here in the first place, the small machine. The small machine was able to get me to a certain city, where I got a couple of sailors to go on a voyage to the north pole with me. I wondered if it was still working. Surprisingly, it was. And it was still barely able to track Sornow. But when I tried to find out where exactly he was, the things could only get worse from here. He was far behind me. I turned around and saw the forest. It had been a while before I could fully comprehend what was happening. I had a very low chance of no survival if I went into the forest. Especially given what happened to the previous guy. Either way, I didn’t have a choice. It was my only way of getting out of here and otherwise, my entire voyage and efforts would have been for nothing. And it wouldn’t be easy to slip back into the mainland, given the bounty on my head. And the fact that I can’t leave my best friend stranded there.
I had no choice but to go into the forest. Despite a very dark look from the outside, the forest had a very light environment. The light was fading quickly. It was getting dark soon. I had to keep on moving. I felt the deeper that I went in, the darker it became. It was not just because the sun was setting. Except I had to press on. It was my only chance of getting Sornow back. I was hearing some sounds now, faint but audible growls. As I walked, I felt the growling getting closer. I knew it was probably just wolves looking for a feast but it was nothing that I could brush off with no effort. In order to fight the wolves, I decided to use a ball of icy wind. The spell was called ‘frostbite’, it looked like a cold wind in my hand and it could freeze someone if it was cast. I couldn’t use this before because of the circumstances. Given the cold environment, frost bite could be an extremely effective spell. Just as I thought, there were wolves. I could tell which one was the alpha and went for it first. It went down with the frostbite. With a bit of quick casting around myself, the wolves really into the trap I set with frostbite.
After that, I decided to move on. I didn’t want to waste time gathering their coats or anything for warmth. I was fine as I was. And the more I moved on, it was the darkest it could be. Not pitch black because there was the light of a crescent moon shining above me in the night sky. I still used a fireball as a makeshift torch, just for some extra lighting. I was hoping not to run into anything. I decided to look at my little machine contraption which had become a GPS for finding Sornow. It did have a few more detailed instructions. I followed them precisely but it led me deeper and deeper into the forest. If I didn’t follow the directions exactly, I would never find Sornow in such a big forest. There were a few more problems like wolves and scratches along the way, but nothing to talk about. It was all quick and easy. After all my effort, it led me right to a deep, dark cave.
And according to the little bot, Sornow was right below me. Without hesitation, I delved into the cave.