Writing Devices: Protagonist Immortality

I think we have started to catch on to a super subtle trend which is going on shows these days (I am being sarcastic). I think super subtle trend and almost impossible to find out is that the main characters cannot die. You know what I am talking about; the main characters are blessed with what I call protagonist immortality. You see that pretty much in all stories, including my Magician’s Story as well. This story has gone through a few years from when I was nine to twelve.

Also my birthday came along. I know most of you know, but I am trying to add substance to my post here. This is another writing device.

Back to the protagonist immortality. No matter where it is set, in a heroic tale, the protagonist cannot die. It is really fun to poke at the really bad shows, just joking around, patronizing the already self-patronized image. By this, I mean a very particular kind of bad. The kind bad, there is a story and writing and stuff but there is not actual edge to it. Which makes it kind of obvious that nothing cool or interesting is going to happen. Also, I am hoping that they can really put some edge on what is protagonist immortality. The sooner they take note of that, they will put an edge by making you think they can also die. I would recommend this to many shows and stories, for example, anime like Naruto and Fairytale. And my personal favorite, etc. And it can even be used in live actions shows like Dr. Who. Which has kind of already been done. I am not really spoiling anything, even slightly, because the show is twenty seasons long. You will have to look through a lot to find those spots. You can also put the same protagonist immortality in fantasy shows like Buffy and Zena. Who knows they might even put it in Myth Busters! I am just kidding.

This applies to mainly narratives that have a hero going through a lot of events, like fighting enemies, surviving under harsh conditions, and even exploring the unknown. In summation, I can say that this narrative device exists in these types of stories. To be honest, although it will be interesting, if used more than once or twice, it can start becoming boring and repetitive. I definitely see protagonist immortality in shows like horror movies. But sometimes it just takes the fun out of things. If that happens, put it aside and act like you have never heard of. Sometimes a little drama can be fun. It is something for people who know me.* cough* Drama Queen, * cough.

At times it is a bit hard to deal with. To make people have some fun, passing that line without actually killing the main character off. This can be easy sometimes. It is something that I am currently dealing with. The Magician’s Story is something that I am writing as an amateur twelve year old, just to share it with my readers and entertain them. Although I have gotten better progressively, I think. Although the Magician’s Story is being written by an amateur like me, you should have seen the ones that I wrote before. Like some of my personal favorites, like Super Viyan, where I fight off a giant oil creature that I saw in a movie or something. I threw him into Jupiter. I am surprised that I knew then that he would sink in the gas planet. Also, there was a lot of unnecessary ice cream involved. Another one I started by never finished, The Evil Werewolf Experiment, which had such a crazy plot line that I am not sure even I could follow it. Although you would be criticizing me now for writing such crazy stories, this would be the part I would tell you that I was about five at that time.

Anyway, on another note, I am starting to feel like my blog has a lot of blandness, a lack of personality. I think I should get something that sets me apart from other people. Saying ‘See ya’ at the end of every post isn’t enough to set me apart from everyone else. And then it struck me; I climb the deep crevices of my insanity and merge them with the new things that I can finally put in the posts that will become known and known as a thing. And to keep a little suspense, tomorrow I will reveal it to you. For now, I would enjoy you guessing what exactly that thing is. And remember, anything is possible!