The Man of Music – Part 1

My name is Grayson Sage. I am 17 years of age, my life is normal to say the least. Nothing spectaculur ever happens in such a small town. My sister has gone off to college and my parents do the best they can to get me into the same college. But at one point something happened, something that would change the lives of every one in the town.

I had to say late at school but it was a silent evening at school. There was a new magician in town who was praised by many poeple near our town, but we never heard from them after the magic show and the reviews that always started with “Amazing!” and “Nothing Better!” But due to the love for the magician the whole town was going to be there. I was in my usual spot in the class room doing some homework for extra credit, just when the door burst open and the room was filled with the chatter that was all too familiar. My friend Olivia was probably the most hyper person on the face of the earth, she was chatterbox with the lung capacity of a blue whale. But when I first met her, I wasn’t even able to get her to just say “hi”, but when she was this hyper that meant something was important.

“Olivia what the hell are you yelling for?” I asked.

“Grey you won’t believe what i just saw, the magician is coming early tonight!”

I was shocked to hear that someone so praised even had the time to show up at this time and it took me a second to get through my head.
“Well what are you waiting for?, Lets go!” Olivia said with eagerness as she rushed out of the school

“ugh Right!” I said as i followed after her.

We ran as far as our legs could take us, dashing past cars, bikes, and even skate boards but we still had a hard time finding the magic show, when we stopped I started to think.
“Yeah?” she replied.
“Where did you hear that the magic show was on early?” I asked
“Jonny told m-Damn It I was tricked!” she said in anger “ugh why does he have to be that terrible anyways?”
Jonny was the worst you could get at bullying and harassment. he would do anything to cause us dismay or anger and he knew when to strike so we were never able to tell a teacher about it. But as we walked back to the school, we heard something, music.

“You hear that?” Olivia said with a surprising calmness.
“yeah” I said.

That music was our trail to the magic show and we were not sure why we didn’t hear it before, and as we rushed to the music we found what we were looking for.

Hey guys, as you can see from the post, I am starting another one of my stories. Like the Magician’s story, I don’t mean it to be anything path-breaking but me trying out different stories and scenarios help me write better. I do enjoy it. Although I am an amateur, I hope to give you something that you can enjoy. Yet something else I can offer is….. a waffle.