The Man of Music – Part 3

As we walked past the crowd we finally got to a less noisy area. but it seemed a lot darker than I expected. The noise of people chattering away was replaced with dead silence.

“Hey you guys hear that?” Eddie said with slight fear.

“Hear what?” Olivia said,

“That creaking sound” Eddie replied.

“Yeah i hear it too.”

I said, “You two are idiots, goddamn numskulls, this is where we’ll be until the show starts.”

Johnny said, “This is where where gonna be stuck!?”

Eddie almost screamed, “You are the worst, Johnny!”

Olivia said “I’ll second that.”

But as the creaking was getting louder even Johnny couldn’t ignore it.

“What the hell is that?” Johnny said, “whatever it is, its getting closer and fast.”

I said, “Well what do we do about it?” Eddie asked,

“Its up to you Gray” Olivia said.

“You don’t need to let him play leader to feel good about himself” Johnny said.

“Well he could come up with a better plan than any of us” Eddie said and Johnny knew it would be a complete lie if he said otherwise. I wasn’t much to say it but I was known as a good planner and strategist by my friends.

“Well I don’t think whatever it is would be dangerous so why don’t we wait and find out what it is” I said. After a few minutes I heard something in the distance it was faint but I heard a voice and I could tell it got everyone’s attention. It was a slight giggling but high pitched “Gray what do we do?” Olivia in fear was trying her best to stay calm. “Its gonna be fine Olivia” I tried to calm her down.

And in the dead silence we heard something. “BOO!” We all jumped and Olivia screamed to see a girl in rags and fake blood painted down from her eyes, and then she started laughing with us only to realize this whole thing was just a prank. “Your gonna need to get back your masculinity after this mate!” hearing the Australian accent we realized who it was. “May?!” I said in disbelief as she removed the rags she was wearing to reveal some jeans and a black T shirt and after rubbing the fake blood away it was strange how easy it was to disguise herself.

“Sorry guy but i just had to!” May said “I’m pretty sure you almost gave Olivia a heart attack” Eddie said only to see Olivia laughing after it was over. When we recomposed we headed to the rest of the crowd.