A flower or a monster?

Flowers are living life forms. Commonly thought by human beings beautiful or pretty, some humans grow them in their backyard for a more attractive outlook of their home and garden. Flowers are defenseless against weeds. The humans kill the weeds to keep the flowers blooming. Of course most plants require water to grow and survive. Most people who plant flowers for show, harvest them and use them vases or pots filled with water and the occasional dirt. With most humans considering flowers beautiful, they are commonly used in paintings, songs, writing, and other types of artwork. Even mere copies that have been created, such as fake flowers with other materials are considered beautiful.

When you think about it, where truly is the beauty in flowers? Then you realize how frail and fragile they are. It is so easy for them to be just taken apart. Some flowers like roses have thorns, some are poisonous and there are some that are just powerless.But the ones that don’t have such protection like dandelions and daisies that even a child with an undeveloped brain and physical strength could easily pluck them. When I was little, I used to pick handfuls of dandelions and give them to my mother. But now I think about how defenseless they are, when you take them for yourself.

Weren’t we all just like defenseless flowers at one point of life? At one point, we are all frail and dependent on the kindness of someone else. Then you reach a stage in which you grow out of that type of defenselessness. You grow out of the stage of looking cute and being taken care of by other people. And then you happen to be end up by being a bit more dangerous than the roses with their thorns.

Some of us aren’t like the flowers. Even the flowers with their defense mechanisms are peaceful. But we attack at will. Every day is a day when someone is killed. The life of another being is lost by one of our own kind. What does that say about us? The question is, “are we peaceful flowers?” or “are we just something else?” Every time you feel that fear in your stomach from a shark or grizzly bear. Even another human being.

Imagine how different it would be if you didn’t have that fear. Imagine if you were the flower – the innocent one. How does a person turn into one of these things? Even if you cant see or smell it, you can feel the blood on their hands. How does one of our own kind turn into a savage animal? The answer: none of us truly turn into it. We all have that need boiling deep inside us. Will you answer that call or remain a flower?