Stalked – Part 2

It was a cold, cold night. The breeze was blowing softly down the narrow alleys of Gamla Stan. Almost completely empty with most residents asleep and if not asleep, definitely indoors. Most except for me. I wandered just looking for clues and not being able to find anything. The only thing keeping me going on was the small clue that someone was here leaving me a message. I found strange footsteps, seemingly going circles, almost a wild goose chase. Although there was the graffiti for investigation, I just felt a twitch in my gut that there was something more here. Something telling me that there was something worthwhile right here. As I still tried to figure out the silhouette of the shadow was, I could confirm that whoever the shadow belonged to was wearing some type of hood. But what most got my attention in this case wasn’t just the kidnapping.

Something bigger. It was clear that it was done by professionals and possibly had plenty of underground connections. So chances are if any of us end up cracking the case, we are probably going to stumble on to something much bigger than a few detectives are going to be able to handle. Even though I felt that somebody could easily be watching me with extreme caution and professionalism, but I still cannot seem to pinpoint the source of my hunch. Almost as if there was a hazy memory in my brain trying to break out. After I decided that it was enough for one day, I knew that I would be boarding the cruise to Helsinki tomorrow. After a few miles of walking, I was back at the hotel.

“Out for a late night?” A voice materialized out of thin air.

I looked to see the same keeper of the hotel from before.

“Just doing some extra investigation” I replied.

“Well, you are going to want to get some sleep. The cruise is taking off tomorrow and I am guessing if you are being followed or watched, some body is going to be on your tail,” he said as he lit a cigarette.

After heading up to my room, I looked out of my window. It had been a long and tiring day. With just two clues found. As I drifted off to sleep, the reality itself started to fade. As my mind drifted into the subconscious of the dreams, I found myself in some type of building. In a dark room, not sure what I could see. But I knew that i was tied to a chair. I could not feel any pain but my arms and legs have gone numb. And as I feel things materializing, suddenly things started drifting off again. Almost as if I am trying to see something but I cannot quite. Things keep on fading away again. I could barely see some chairs around me but no one was sitting on them. It seemed like suddenly the gravity itself was fading. Like all the chairs were starting to float. It was almost as if I was drugged. Just during the last few minutes of me being stuck there, I could hear a voice barely whispering but I still could not get it. Before I knew it, I was no longer in the chair. Instead, I was in my bed, trying to get my bearings. I feel like my back and left arm seemed to be sore. After I got up and recomposed myself, I decided that the best option was not to think too hard about it at this point. I had to get ready for the cruise.

It was a bright and sunny day when boarding the cruise ship. Surprisingly convenient and fast. There didn’t be too many discrepancies when processing my admission on to the ship. And from what I had heard, the cabins are just big enough and the ship had plenty of restaurants and an entire supermarket. The only problem with that is if I was being tailed, it would mean really difficult to find out who was tailing me. It could be so many people and they could be hiding in so many different places. Besides the extremely strange dream and whatever else there was, I was starting to feel relaxed. I headed to the bar and had a couple of drinks. Not the point of me getting drunk but to the point, where I could easily pass for a tourist. If there was anyone following me, I could spot them. And while enjoying what the ship to offer, I did notice some people reappearing wherever I showed up. There was a lady I kept seeing every place I went. And she had an odd smile. So strangely crooked and straight at the same. It was hard for me not to notice her. Could just be a tourist. I also spotted a blond man in jeans and a black leather jacket, nothing too suspicious. But I kept feeling that someone was doing something to get my attention and let me know that they were there. I checked the clock and it seemed to be around 8 pm. I could see no longer see any land through my window, just a horizon across the sea. I was almost relaxed by this time until something extremely startling and frightening happened.

It definitely wasn’t difficult to see. My cabin was just below the deck and what I saw fall down was a person. I couldn’t make out anything other than that it was a male and he was flailing his arms frantically trying to grasp on to something to prevent his fall. I thought this could be the route to a clue. As I ran to the deck, I saw that the man was retrieved from the waters, almost shaking and very pale.

“What happened here?” I asked in confusion and surprise.

“This man fell from the deck. Right not we are waiting for him to recuperate from the fall before we ask him any questions,” A life guard said.

“Is that so? Perhaps I will try to talk to him and ask him a few questions. I am a detective and I would like to see about this.”