The Great Road Trip – Part 1

So, I am in San Diego. Isn’t that a change?

An entire epic road trip from about as close to Canada to close without actually being in the country all the down to a desert near Mexico! It is hard to take it all in myself. But no matter what I think about it, it is just as big as I think it is.



Our first stop was at the Wisconsin Eau Claire. Not to mention that Eau Claire is the horseradish capital of the world. And if only I could have experienced what gave it that name. I really would have enjoyed visiting a horseradish farm.


After that, we drove through Minnesota, Iowa to reach Kansas City.  Which what do you know! It is not actually in Kansas. It was quite the place. Considering how interesting it was, it is worth a mention. We didn’t get much time to spend in most of the cities, but just enough to enjoy it. I got to have a bit of a taste of Southern cuisine with biscuits and gravy with chunks of sausage in it.


Fun little fact, it is the city with the second most number of water fountains in the world. Just being passed by Rome. Not super surprisingly, it wasn’t that hard to find a water fountain here!


After leaving Kansas City, we went through the infinite fields of Kansas. I swear to god, it is such a long broad field it is almost insane. Not to mention gargantuan number of windmills, but seriously the place seemed infinite.


You could pick a direction, start walking and never stop. Next we stopped at Colby, Kansas. One of the places that I didn’t get quite a chance to enjoy what made it special, but nonetheless it was one of our stops. Then again, we went to go to a pretty nice and enjoyable Mexican restaurant.


From Colby, our next stop was Colorado Springs. Probably one of the more memorable places. I went up to a place called Pike’s Peak with an extremely high altitude almost to the point we were inside a cloud and I almost passed out. I also got fudge which was pretty enjoyable. Quite the views there were. Even a rainbow on our way down!




Not to mention, interesting restaurants! And we went to a place called Garden of the Gods, you may have heard of it, you may have not, who knows! I hadn’t!


On our way out of Colorado, we stopped at the Royal Gorge. It has the highest bridge in the world, and may I mention, the perfect place to look straight down through one of the cracks in the bridge. Go ahead, give it a try. Not to mention, it was super scary.

The Gorge

More later.