Well, I am here in San Diego…. Nothing quite like living in your backyard. Why don’t I give you you some clarification? First of all, there is a lot of construction going on, I mean like wow, a lot! And I have to say its not that bad. Yeah, sure, I have only access to less than half of my house. And yeah, my dog has to spend most of the time outside. I am pretty much locked in my room, because the only other place is the pool side or the hallway. Honestly, I can live with it pretty well.

I guess that is just the adaptation of the human species. No matter how tough things get, we can never have too many good things and we can somehow live with bad things as long as it doesn’t kill us. Hey, I am not dead quite yet! So I enjoy what I got. Even then it is still overwhelming. It is always consistent with the people I meet. In such a new place, how would it not be? I don’t feel fully relaxed or settled yet. I feel like I am still on the road trip. I often see Weaver looking out into the distance into the view of the bay. And even with all the stuff that is going on, I still have a lot of work I have to do. But it is something that I can keep up with and definitely nothing to fuss over.

I plan to continue my work as a writer. I think I should probably stop treating this like a vacation and start doing what I am passionate about. And I am pretty sure that I already hit rock bottom when it comes to all the construction. I am pretty sure it can only go up from here. This is where my travels has brought me. Not to mention, we did have some plans to go to India but they have been postponed to May. So you can expect some India stuff around that time.I will do what I can do to keep up with stuff and as you hear me saying, I will be writing the next part to Stalked and while I used your time for some good filler, I am going to be start working on substantial stuff. Just a little update on things in my life.