Game Review: Team Fortress 2

Team Fortress 2!

Finally, something different from the typical unoriginal “call of duty” graphics. The game itself is lighthearted and is probably one of the few first person shooting games that I really enjoy. The game doesn’t have a particular story, unless you read some of the little comics that are centered around the classes. Oh yeah, forgot to mention, this is a class based shooter game, with nine different classes to choose from and tons of different weapons for each class. Due to the different weapons, these are used so you may get a sense of freedom and creativity for what you want to do. But at this point, there is nothing other than a bunch of different setups that can be mandatory with some weapons. For instance, one of the quickest and most agile classes, the scout, has a weapon called the Sandman. The sandman is a baseball bat and comes with a baseball in the other hand. What you can do is you can hit the baseball to stun your opponent. This gives a chance to switch to your main gun and fire away. The sandman excels exponentially when paired with another weapon that does critical damage to an opponent who is stunned.

Lets get to the classes. I would rather not get into too much depth but give a few sentences about different classes.

  • First of all, the Scout. He runs fast and dies if he doesn’t run fast. A non-moving scout is a dead scout.
  • Second, soldier. Walks kind of slowly but has a rocket launcher. Not to mention that you are somehow able to shoot it at the ground and propel yourself into the air and take only a bit of damage. Basically, rocket jump and keep clicking until you win.
  • Next, Pyro. The number one class that you are probably going to start with. He has a flamethrower and is completely balanced between his movements and his weaponry. I wouldn’t say balanced except that he has a short gun in the secondary. Hold down, left click and walk forward equals burn, baby, burn.
  • Next up, the Demo man. Although he probably has a strange position in teams, he shoots stuff with little exploding grenade pills that bounce off walls and explode on impact of the enemy players. Not to mention, his sticky bomb launcher, he can set bombs that can stick to walls, floors and ceilings and blow it up like C4. Not to mention, he is a chronic alcoholic.
  • And the Heavy. Pretty much the most suitable starter class other than the Pyro. He is a tank. He walks slower than any other class in the game but has health like a juggernaut and has a pretty powerful minigun which can mow down scouts in minutes.
  • The Engineer! The class for players that don’t want to play that much. Well, that is what it seems like on the surface. The way he works, he sets up sentries, who are machine guys on tripods that automatically shoot any enemy players. He uses an exclusive resource called metal that he uses to upgrade his machines. His machines are sentry, previously mentioned, the dispenser, a giant box that heals any allies near it, and the teleporter, self-explanatory.
  • Next, the medic. The class that no one wants to play but a class that everyone wants on their team. The medic is the healer. And since nobody ever wants to be the support person, they practically are complaining about there not being a medic yet refusing to switch to one themselves. Not much to say about it the fact that the medic can shoot at things with a gun that does very little damage. He will ally players and has a bone saw for a melee weapon.
  • The Sniper. Probably the least needed class on a competitive team. Unless it is a really skilled one. The sniper walks at a regularly slow pace, has no weapons that will do any damage on the battlefield and is pretty much useless, that is save the sniper rifle. With this weapon, you can zoom in on enemy players from afar and shoot them. Not to mention, the longer you remained zoomed in, the more charge you get. And the more charge you get, the more damage you will do when you actually shoot someone. So if you want to take out something heavy which has an immense amount of health, you will need to zoom in on it for a few minutes before you can hit and kill him in one shot. Don’t forget the head shots. Probably why the sniper is one of the hard to master classes in the game. You have to be extremely precise to hit the opponent in the head with the sniper rifle. And hitting them in the head is the only way you can really take out a number of enemies. And that is why he can be the win or loss of game. Even if you have five mediocre snipers, they will be completely useless against one experienced sniper. Because shooting heads isn’t easy. Unless you are really good at it, you are not going to be of much value to your team.
  • And finally, the last class, the spy. Probably the class everyone wants to play. Just because of how awesome he is. The way he works is, he has two very crucial items. He has a disguise kit, and get this, disguise yourself as an enemy player. You can disguise yourself as an enemy scout, pyro or any class, really. The only problem is that since you can’t use any of the abilities or weapons of that class, that disguise is not going to last long. Not to mention, pyros are the bane of your existence. Enemy pyros can light you on fire. And that leads to the next crucial item for your survival as a spy. The Invis Watch. You go invisible for a short amount of time and you can use it to make swift getaways when you get noticed by your enemies. But when you are on fire or set on fire by a pyro, people will able to see you as people will see the flames you are being engulfed in. And the only way to really effectively kill is to backstab them. You have a very simple butterfly knife which does little to no damage when hitting enemies.¬† But, when you hit them in the back, it is always an instant kill.

Now that we have gotten done with the classes, I will give you a bit more input. Although¬† it is free to play, and it is not mandatory to spend a single dime on this game, it is probably what you are going to end up doing. This game got the addition of hats. Basically, completely cosmetic hats that you can put on your character and make you look different form the default class because you are wearing a different hat. There are also other cosmetic things like coats and skins but hats are the main deal. You can very rarely get certain hats as a free to play member. These things twist the hearts and souls of mortal men and women. Not too longer after the addition, it no longer was about playing the game. It was only about getting the hats. And of course, the one hat that most TF2 players would drool at the sight of, an unusual hat. It gives a simple effect on the top of it, like your hat is on fire, or there are bubbles coming from it. The only way to get them other than a lifetime’s worth of trading, there is a 1% chance of getting it upon opening a crate.

And get this, crates can be opened by keys and keys can be bought for $2.50! Although it may not seem like much from the overview, these regular and unusual hats with different qualities have twisted the TF2 community. Instead of trying to win, you guys are typing in chat that you are selling a shiny digital sombrero and the fact that it is on fire makes it worth around $50. I am not even mentioning things like strange weapons from Australia and these things have absolutely no effect on the game. They just make people think you are cool. And everyone wants to be cool.

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