Green pieces of paper are good: how to make money online

So, recently, I have been messing around with trying to learn about how to make money online. Read until the end. There is a cool resource that I am giving you.

You basically sell rare, niche items.

The real life stuff you happen to have to good for making money. EBay is always willing to take random junk you don’t need but collectors of obscure items want to pay a pretty penny. Doing this is a whole another world. You need to know the prices of things by gauging them, seeing if they are still available in the stores and knowing its vintage. The older it is, the rarer it is. Even my best friend knows someone who made a lot of money by selling old types of video game consoles and even old video game affiliated things for high prices because they are probably not going to be available anywhere else. Because of this, my friend has recently developed an interest in Nerf guns. And he knows that if he keeps them in good conditions with boxes, later on, if they are not available in stores anymore, he could sell them on Ebay. This is only one of the many different ways to make money. A game like TF2 has a number of rare items that you can buy and sell which are in the end just a bunch of pixels. For instance, the golden frying pan is one of the rarest if not the rarest item in the game. Only about ten people have this item. And its been proven that it has even been sold for over $5000. Using these different methods and working hard could really get good stuff at times.

Get passive income

There is also things like writing books and getting passive income through royalties. In fact, you can do very creative and useful things if you are clever and creative enough. For instance, if I were to sell my e-book on extremely high levels to the point it would be in everyone’s book shelf, I would make a lot of money. But if they are hard copies, I could take it off the store shelves and make them rarer to come by. Using that advantage, one certain time, when the books are harder to come by but still they are very popular, I could announce to be selling them again but for a higher price for that. But the books need to be promoted heavily for that.

Or find many ways

There is a probably a lot more ways to make money online. But I am probably not the best person to advice you on that. But I know of someone who might be of more help. Her name is Robin and she has her own website and teaches how to make money online. She also teaches how to sell on Amazon. Ironically, by advertising her, I am actually getting affiliate link myself. So if you buy her program from me, I will get a commission.


So, ahead and click on the following links if you want to purchase Robin’s programs. She also offers a Facebook support group. If you buy her program, you will also be helping me make some money. Sure my blog is completely non-profit, but the fact that I might be getting some money out of it motivates me even more. Here are Robin’s links

Affiliate Link Homepage

Amazon Sales Ninja

Another quick note is that I like my audience to comment as much as possible on things like my recent posts and I might also hold some polls on what I should blog about next. Not to mention, I will be making announcements on possible times when I am free for things like possible interviews on my writing.

3 thoughts on “Green pieces of paper are good: how to make money online

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