TF2-The trading world

If you know me, you probably know that I like Team fortress 2. Its a great game with an interesting art style and a fun and unique vibe to the whole package that it offers. But there is another side to the game, a side of darkness and isolation where no man is immune to its grasp and pull into the unknown. It is only known as “The Trading World” – teamfortress 2 trading. A place where the sun doesn’t shine and the moon is always new, and its all because of the Hats, Because here the hats are all that matter. So you’re new to the trading world, and you have no idea what you’re doing, well I have just the guide for you. With a few easy steps you’ll be drowning in unusual hats!

Step one:

So let’s start you on the basics. First remember that deadly and powerful guns and other weapons are worthless while strange looking hats and cosmetics are worth riches. Although you may be think that this is insane I would like to tell you that you are right, this is very insane. So to remember this little fact I like to have a little motto.



This may seem odd, but you’ll learn to keep it at heart in due time. Let’s move on

Step 2:

In order to learn to profit you need to know the price lists. Price lists are online sheets from team fortress 2 trading sites like or These sites have built in price lists to tell what things are worth in refined (ref) metal or keys. Remember, in order to make profit you need to always go just beyond the price. For example, if I want to sell a hat worth about 3.22 in refined metal, I’ll sell it for about 4.11 ref and some sad sap is gonna have to buy that because that’s what everyone else is doing on the market. You can start your backpack of keys and metal by scrap banking. This can take a while usually, but everyone starts somewhere and so do you! Either way you’ll have ref at some point and some day you might even have a key!….. Okay, that was a lie, but once you do get a key make sure to start hoarding your keys like a middle class suburban person on black Friday.


Now you have a few keys? Great! I totally knew you would make it. Kinda! Anyway let’s get to what we need to know about the most promo items! These can range from bills hats, to Max’s severed heads! You will need keys to buy all these. These promo items will be your claim to riches.  The most usual of promo items to buy, the unusuals (Oh wait, I haven’t told you what those are.) are earbuds. These things aren’t worth as much as a Max’s severed head but worth a lot more than a Bill’s hat around 12-14 key.  Once you get these, you can buy the truly needed hats. More people dream of having these, more desired than the wallet of Bill Gates and every day someone is getting close to them, and if you work hard you might be the next to get a Unusual hat!

Step 4:

Now you get to the good stuff. The unusual hats, the earbuds, all the TF2 wealth that so many people want, you have all of that now. Now you think you’re at the top, where nothing can amount to your items and that all the earbuds in the world still wouldn’t amount to your unusuals, well, you’d be wrong. You are just entering a new world of burning team captains and sunbeam killer exclusives, you have so much more to go for, so much more trading to spend your time on, and the best part, you realize the biggest part, none of it matters. After you get what you want, you find out that this won’t do anything for you, nothing at all. once you realize that, you ask how much time you’ve spent on all of this? Well, who knows, none of it matters now, maybe it was about the hats when you didn’t have them, but what did it get you now? And now you move on to the next thing to spend your time on, and you can sell your unusuals on a market for real money. After this you know what it means to climb to the top of a economy an now, Its all over.

Step 5:




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See ya!

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