Dr. Who Gifts for Teens: Ideas from a Teen Whovian

I am a huge Dr. Who Fan and have my share of Dr. Who gifts that my parents have given me over the years. I want to give you some ideas for Dr. Who gifts for your teen.

Sonic Screw Driver

Of course, the sonic screw drivers!

First of all, most of this could be directed to younger kids, cosplayers and those who use these as collectibles. Other than that, there is not that much use for them.




These things are actually pretty high in quality and as long as you are careful with them, they can last for quite a while. There are a few issues with the manufacturing in the earlier versions. So I recommend that you get the ones that I have set up here and so you don’t get the older versions.

There are a number of sonic screw driver inspired gifts on Amazon.

Sonic Screw Driver

Birthday Cake Toppers

Now this one is a little bit more creative. Instead of going for the normal things, why  not go for an edible TARDIS? I found this acting as the literal icing on the cake the morning of my 13th birthday.

Dr. Who gifts for teens
My 13th birthday Dr. Who Cake Topper!

It is super cool. I think your kid will absolutely love it too.


Amazon carries a number of cake toppers like this one for different shapes and even cupcakes. Check this out.

Dr. Who cake topper

Dr. Who Exploding TARDIS Beach Towel

Now, this is something that might be a bit specific to where you live. You could use this just as a household towel for showers or baths. If you are particularly into water sports like surfing, or just like to swim, this is a great Dr. Who gift to get.

I received this as a present for my twelfth birthday once upon a time and I still use it quite often to this day. So this towel works.


Dr. Who Pocketwatch

Now we are getting into some of the more expensive stuff. This option probably won’t be the best unless you or your child is unbelievably into all of those time telling accessories or the Time Lord. Nonetheless, the thing is pretty cool.


My uncle was nice enough to get me this one. But if you don’t want to blow all your money on one pocketwatch, there is a cheaper one available.


Dr. Who Bow Tie!

Bow ties are cool! This little thing is mandatory to anyone who is a fan of the Twelfth Doctor. But be warned, the class that this tie offers is very possibly lethal to anyone that is unable to pull it off. Be Warned!


If your kid is also a fan of hats like me, buy them the bow tie and the fez hat!


Dr. Who Door Decal

I save the best for the last. This one is most likely the best one that I have so far. It was the morning of Christmas and I was bestowed a decal for the entrance way to my chambers. Honestly, the fact that is thing is just so awesome that I don’t need to explain the glory of walking into your house and seeing a Police Public Call Box as entrance to my room.



I have a few more Dr. Who gifts on my wish list! Maybe I will get some these holidays and next birthday.

I know I said this was a post about Dr. Who gifts for teens. But I am throwing a freebie. Since our whole family is a Dr. Who fan, we bought a couple of cool Dr. Who gifts for my dad. One is a Dr. Who Robe. This was based on the Fourth Doctor who is my dad’s favorite.



Last year, we got him a cool TARDIS mini-fridge for his pop and beer. It is really bigger on the inside!

I hope you found this post useful. If you buy using my Amazon links, I will receive a small commission which I can use to buy more Dr. Who gifts!