You might be confused about what this is. So let me inform you that this is a biography of an interesting little place, in reality, different from your own. So, rather than taking the time to tell the whole background of why, let’s jump in. Over time, many different regions and factions but mostly differently races have worshipped many deities. There is some truth to their origin. At one point, there was nothing but a being or a group of beings with immense power. With this power came the ability to turn thought into reality. It is said that they created the world that the strange, human-like intelligent species live and thrive on today. This world doesn’t truly have a name of any sort. It is said that these beings or being ruled over the land that they created for themselves. But at some point, mysteriously, they disappeared. And the world descended into chaos. Just from that simple disappearance, entire areas collided with each other. While fire engulfed expanding oceans, forest overgrew on deserts, with no control over the elements. Eventually, it was just a mass of chaos and insanity.

In the wreckage of a reality unknown to us, it is said that a new element was introduced into the world. Life. The first actually living being that lived on the world. The mysterious creator/creators can also be considered living beings, but most believe those mysterious beings to be outside force and cannot be considered to be living. As time passed, these living beings grew. But rather than grow as singular organisms, they multiplied. Undergoing cellular mitosis, they split until these new life forms lived all over the surface of the world. The cells themselves started to evolve generation after generation. As the world was still in chaos, their evolutionary pattern was changed, creating beings of extreme horror and immense ability, and eventually an ecosystem. Now, as the ecosystem evolved, the closest thing to humans started to walk the earth. While not evolved from apes as you may think, they definitely have the origins you may believe. They do have the relation to the animal. Strangely enough, something interesting happened in the course of the evolution. As they split apart and evolved, there were subspecies of these humanoids. As time passed, there was nothing but humanoid subspecies found in different areas.

And the main species that the subspecies were derived from vanished almost as mysteriously as the creator or creators of the universe. But unlike them, the race left behind a discovery. The discovery of the arcane. It is still unknown how the strange entity was discovered, but magic is an extremely powerful force harnessed by every living thing imaginable. Now that there were living beings, they started to establish order. As order came, the chaos subsided. As the world started to document this, there was an entire world to be discovered. Now, we can look at the next stage. The new races. Whether or not the slim and tall founded in the far north or the mechanically advanced megataurs of the west. The world has come similar to what you would see in a book of fantasy. With the stable creation of society, things can and will start changing as different races are finding out simultaneously about different planes of their own reality. Almost like sub-dimensions planted deep within their own minds. What they are not aware of it, whatever resides in the sub-dimensions is trying to get out. In order to progress with new findings, we might need to find different subspecies of the human race and the monstrosities of the non-civilized wilderness.

Let us start with a few monsters that are said to have been since before time. First, Camelia Whisp. Normally a drifting entity made of seemingly transparent wind and flowers, these creatures are extremely carnivorous. Their average pattern of prey is by luring away unsuspecting wanderers or other creatures by their enchanting sound they make they float by. Almost like that of the windchime. Those who have survived also recall them having very potent but extremely pleasant smell. Smelling something of a prey’s childhood. Or something nostalgic. But as it differs from person to person, there is no way to truly know if one is in the clutches of the camellia whisp. For those who do, it might already be too late. They are known to prey in isolated areas. The seemingly cool breezes will almost start to take the form of something familiar. Within seconds, the cool breeze turns into a vicious gust and turn deadly. As the gust batters around the prey, the lashes of winds become like razor blades cutting through the flesh. At that point, it is fatal. Once the prey is killed, the wind will seemingly cause the remains to almost evaporate. That is what it looks like to the naked eye. The wind just simply consumes the prey. Although this creature is extremely deadly and one of the most creatures of this world, at the least, it will kill you quickly. Its only purpose is to feed, but there are many other creatures of cruelty that take pleasure in the torture.