The Archives: Species 99

Now we will look at a very interesting entity of sorts. A lot of different names exist for it: the void, the abyss, the vortex. They are also mystical and superstitious about its threateningly powerful properties. We will just call it the Blackhole. Blackhole is something of an entrance way and exit. The only way it sustains itself is by feeding upon those who enter it. Specifically, general fears and nightmares. For different species and individuals, these could range from fear of failure, monsters under the bed or anything else that you could think of that could be particularly frightening. The blackhole attracts it. For the most part, it tends to attract sometimes forcibly drive out individuals based on their fears. Mostly from the fact that from fear is accompanied by intrigue. HP Lovecraft once said, “The oldest and strongest emotion of mankind is fear. And the oldest and strongest kind of fear is fear of the unknown.” And the attraction of the blackhole mainly derives from the need to quell that fear. Nobody who is caught in its thrall will be able to resist its presence. Certainly individuals coming from across the globe just to find it. And although certain species with naturally strong-willed intellect may be able to resist it but not for long.. Those who are forcibly restrained will eventually go insane with the need to find it. Now of course, we have¬† been talking about the blackhole for a bit. It certainly doesn’t count as a species.

What does, however, are the freakish amalgamations that end up emerging from it once the victims are close enough. Eventually, once the blackhole’s victims are lured close enough (usually within its range of vision), it will start dragging them inwards. And its extreme power almost seems to be able to shift the general gravity on only their specific victims. Once its prey is enveloped, it will take away everything that made the victim an individual, taking their fears, desires, and hopes. At that point of the process, it will even start taking their flesh and bones. Due to the fact that no one who has gotten in close proximity to the blackhole has survived to tell the tale, there is no way to find out if anything is left behind. What they do know is that the once the blackhole has properly digested its victims, it will repeat the process until it is able to take all of the victims currently enveloped and create something. These horrifying monsters can range from pretty much any thing you can imagine, usually having multiple eyes, possibly claws, tentacles even. Sometimes even multiple ears and multiple personalities. The only similarity between these creatures is their insatiable blood lust.Usually, most scholars have a general theory that the blackhole is older than potentially either their own worlds that they currently inhabit. Although some speculate that it possibly created the world, seeks to destroy it. Hell, even some have created cults around worshiping the blackhole. Although they didn’t last long, out of the blackhole taking advantage of the fear of their deity being false or potentially evil. But anyhow, not many of them exist in today’s worlds.

Back to its creations. Usually after being created, they crowd around where the blackhole is located and occasionally through a mysterious and random process, are taken away of their blood lust and insanity to be used as mindless drones to guide the blackhole. Others simply go on their merry way, ravaging local villages, wild life and basically anything that moves. For the most part, the seemingly intelligent behavior, it is not as if the blackhole is either a higher power that is able to make strategic moves and is definitely sentient as it is alive. Or that it is being controlled by a higher power for one reason or another. Of course, although it may seem like it is a big problem through lots of worlds, the blackhole tends to be rare and occasionally transfers locations every couple of decades or so. And only rares gets that many victims every  now and then. Usually, cases such as this are pretty rare with the bestial amalgamations that they go into are even more uncommon.