About Me

I like online games, playing guitar, reading books, listening to audio books, playing on my IPhone, playing with my dogs, fencing, building stuff with my lego, coming up with outlandish stories, word games, Taekwando, science, and hanging out with my mom.

21 thoughts on “About Me

    1. OK!

      PS: I am probably going to write PS every time I reply to you.
      PPS: Wait for stories, photos, and more….

      I just realized something. When I just typed that in, it made me sound like I am acting in a commercial or something.

  1. Hi Viyan!

    Good to see you out here in the Blogosphere! How is your chess game? Do you have a preference between fencing and Taekwando?

    Also, I see you apparently have added at least one other dog to your household.

    Uncle Richard

    1. Uncle Richard

      Very happy to see you too.

      Well, I am actually seeing design of a rug by your name but it is good enough for me.

      I like both prefer fencing to Taekwando because I have known my fencing friends longer. but this year I am committed to winning some belts in Taekwando. So I am going to do two nights a week.

      Love, Viyan

    2. Yes, we have a new puppy. His name is Copper and he usually spends his days in a cage since he needs to be disciplined and trained. He is going to be probably trapped in there for five years.

      PS: I don’t really mean that.

  2. Hi Viyan This is one of just six special invitations to PyQwyQ, a new interactive serial story jam blog where readers get to suggest and vote on what happens next. We’re inviting six interesting people none of us has ever met (I’ve chosen unschoolers), to be the first to post suggestions. Would you be willing to go over to http://pyqwyq.wordpress.com (If you’re under 13 pls get your mom’s permission though), take a look at the opening ‘character’ page, and the ‘how it works page’, and post a suggestion in the comments? We’d like if you could make a suggestion for an EVENT in the first installment – could be something the character does, or something that happens to him, or he sees or hears about, whatever. Suggestions have to be up by Fri 13th July at midnight for voting on Saturday 14th, but please let me know ASAP if you want to or not, because if we don’t hear from you by Weds 11th then I need to invite someone else in your place. Many thanks, Rahnia

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  4. Hey Viyan I Was Wondering If You Ever Wanna Play Tf2 Or LoL Because Iv Been Relly Sad Ever Sense You Added Me Off Skype So Ok Well Just Add Me On Skype If You Wanna Play.

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