Random Thoughts and Stuff

Closing the Gap: Giving to Others

The Dark Side of my Mind

The Poonal – Summer 2013

The Cube

I am going to India again

Things that I learned about Team work from LOL

Fear itself

Leaf hits a fire

Daily Shenanigans

Power of the Mind

My Favorite Word

My dog, Weaver

My dog, Copper

American Revolution and Minecraft

A Contest

My memorable moments

On Dec 13 2011

Our new car


What I like about Houghton

My thoughts about God

500 Hits

I like Winter


Gross sounds I make while eating

My Puppy Copper

On Meditation

Things that I used to think what I was little

The Happy Meal

Dumb Super Villains

Homosapiens and Unschooling

Homosapiens and the Time of Attack


Run-away Puppy

Death Penalty

World in my mind

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