The Archives: Species 100

Well, here we are.

In the last segment, we discussed a couple of ground rules about how this dimension works and the laws that govern it. Since your species favors numerical values so much, we will start listing different species backwards from 100. To start, we will just call this Species No. 100. There are many choices for this momentous occasion of us having our first species being described and being labeled with a three digit numeric value.

So we could start with the raging demigods or carnivorous beasts the size of houses, but why don’t we start with one that is closest to human that you may be able to see in this dimension? You can call them proto-human, beta human, human 2.0 or whatever. Just know that although they are very similar to yourself, assuming you are a human reading this, their intellectual capabilities are higher. Of course this does come with a few setbacks as in they have increased life spans but they take much longer to mature than average humans. They don’t come to average intelligence of one of your own kind at the age of 12 until around 17. One more note is that they are built for tactically killing and taking over land and resources. Because of how their society itself has evolved, once they come of age, most are trained in specific fields depending on their strengths.Whether it be strength training to the point where they can take out a pack of wolves with nothing but their bare fists or intellectual and tactical training to make sure that their dominance over the field of science and their dominance over the land stays true and strong until something inevitably better than them in every single way can wipe them out.

Of course, I have extracted a couple of ideal subjects and compare them to the characteristics of your species. Aside from the slightly improved strength and possibly intelligence (still working on that), they seem to be a lot more angry. Maybe it is because they woke up in a strange place being tested by a seemingly omnipotent being but that is only natural, isn’t it? They seem to react to pain a lot less than the average human. They also seem to be a lot more aggressive towards each other. And that might be the reason why your species may be superior to Species 100. Sure, they have the whole smarter, stronger deal going on, and they possibly have more resources available to them than you could get on your entire planet, but the problem is they do not play well with each other. Their society is extremely fragile and only based upon a system of honor and glory that is keeping them from completely losing it and snapping each other’s necks. A single normal, cooperative group of humans could probably destroy their society by, I don’t know, maybe by just spreading rumors and gossip. Chances are, you  just have to stay away from them for fifty something years and let them self-destruct. They seem to believe that something is going to take them out eventually. And in this time of potential distress among them, they are already skirmishing over resources, all to prepare for the war against some species, when they are already at war with each other. Then again, it is not that different from your species, is it?

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